Furniture-Restoration-Brighton-and-SussexFurniture restoration is the ultimate in recycling, bringing tired and worn pieces back to their former glory. Some items have been passed down through families with their own stories to tell, and may have more sentimental value than monetary. However, it is good to cherish these items and restoring them is preferable to throwing them away and replacing with characterless furniture that looks bland, and in many cases lacking in craftsmanship.

The quality of some of the timbers, veneers and techniques used in the past are hard to match – not to mention afford today, so think twice before you throw out that old chair or chest of drawers, it might just need a little love and attention to get it looking its best again. Costs may surprise you too, especially when compared to the price of some brand new furniture available today.

With a little imagination antique and retro 20th Century furniture can all live happily within modern interiors and alongside contemporary pieces. Most pieces hold their value and are generally a good investment.